Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Where's Rambo?

So you've heard of 'Where's Waldo' ... 'Where's Rambo' is the question today. I'm in the center leaf-ing it all behind. Winter that is. I'm just as tired of this endless winter as the next guy so let's get crackin' and start putting out the warm weather vibes. There are eggs to be hidden, treats to be found. I'm so stoked, I can barely control myself! Tomorrow is Easter!

If you are a new reader, you might not know that I love holidays. I love to celebrate each day but a holiday gives me the extra incentive to celebrate in a bigger way. So tomorrow I've selected a special way to show my holiday enthusiasm.

* possible spoiler: It involves an Easter Bonnet.

So let's start focusing on sunshine, flowers, warm weather (notice I didn't say excrutiatingly hot, I specifically said warm) and get outside to enjoy it all!

#yorkie #dogblogseasons

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