Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Rambo's Easter Bonnet

As I said, I'm 'holiday guy'. However, this bonnet is not doing much for my tough guy image. Here in New York City, the Easter parade runs from 10-4pm on 5th avenue, near St. Patricks Cathedral. It is wonderful to see everyone decked out in their fancy hats and clothes. I'm glad it's a sunny day as more people tend to show up with good weather.

As much as I'm loving my bonnet, I can't wait to don it and start hunting for eggs. I love to sniff and I'm really good as differentiating the different scent trails. I'm truly a natural for this egg hunt. I was told however, that they were not 'real eggs' but chocolate eggs - and I can't eat chocolate. What?!@!#! That's crazy, why have an entire holiday built around hunting for chocolate eggs when a large part of the population can't eat them! Then I heard about Peeps!

Peeps! Who would have thought that there is a chewy cute concoction called a Peep. They look like little chicks and come in rows - so if you find one, you usually hit the jackpot. Then there are the plastic eggs with jelly beans inside. I'm pretty sure they are not the best for me either, but hey, Easter is just once a year. I like to find the egg and then burst it open and see the jelly beans fly! That is even more fun than eating them. If I play my cards right, I can burst open some eggs and see kids from all over clammoring to get to the jelly beans...

Things are looking up.

#easterbonnet #dogwithhat

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