Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Earth Day!

It's Earth Day -- so I was sure to get up early to commune with mother nature. No sooner did my iphone alarm go off, did I wake mom, get my harness and leash, and scurry downstairs to start sniffing away. Being on the shorter side, I am closer to the earth than many. And despite living in an urban landscape, I was able to find real live dirt! The first of which, I found in the elevator, in the guise of gossip from our neighbors. That was good but I still have a preference for nature's dirt.

I found several 'pockets of heaven' - dirt piled high around the trees, the new planters, filled with colorful flowers. Here I am sitting by a beautiful bounty of flowers. I wanted to dive right in, but I do live in a high rise with security and they tend to frown on froclicking in the flower beds. (I'll go late at night - they'll never know)

I'm off now to recycle some of my plastics. I mentioned to mom that she might pick up after me with a more eco-friendly system as she uses little plastic bags. She says she already recycles those bags from vegetables and baked goods. We had a little 'debate' and let's just say,

'We're open to change'. Thank you Earth!

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