Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Dog in the Citi...Bike.

There's a new program in New York City for bicycles. It started last year and is so much fun! At first I didn't know what was going on. Little gray pedestals were installed all over the city, and then shiny blue bicycles were placed in them. Then special lanes were designated for bicycling on the roads and after a quick training session, mom and I were sailing the streets.

Mom got a cool red helmet and I sport my goggles and safety strap. I love to sit in the front while mom pedals away. I get the wind in my face and it's heaven, until she hits one of those bumps in the road. I quickly turn and glare, to let her know that bumps are unacceptable, but that only lasts a moment and I'm back to taking in the breeze.

I don't let her know - that I know - that being pedalled around the city can cost a pretty penny. I've seen those people pedalling travelers around the city and charging $30 minimum! Since I have nowhere to carry cash, I simply remind mom how healthy and fun it is to get out on the bike. She's buying that for now.

Only snag is when she goes to Trader Joe's and I can't go because the groceries get my seat. Maybe another basket is in order, or a small sidecar like Batman and Robin. Yeah, if mom would wear a cape we could be Batman and Rambo! A dynamic duo to be sure!

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