Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Celebrating once again!

Today mom and the gals went out to celebrate Elizabeth's Birthday. They went to Brunch and then came back to the apartment for some more festivities...ie: cake and presents! I believe I was particularly helpful to Elizabeth when I assisted her in opening the presents. I have the uncanny skill of squirming my way physically and literally into gift bags. I begin by inserting my entire body into the bag, writhing mysteriously and finally emerging ceremoniously with not only the gift paper, but the gift itself! Even though I really enjoy this, I have to remember that it is not my birthday - although mine is May 31st if you are wondering - and that sometimes people like to open their own gifts.

So I left Elizabeth to continue opening her gifts while I snuck to the table and finished off her dessert. It was a lovely cookie type dessert. Some type of butter cookie with oats... healthy yet decadent - perfect! Well, except that it could have had some vanilla ice-cream with it, I'm just saying...

Pictured above is mom and I with Elizabeth after she blew out her candle. A big candle saying Ageless... I'm not sure how old that is, but Elizabeth seemed to like it and it fit well on the dessert. She was also able to blow it out with ease although I was ready to assist once again if needed. It's a challenging job being there 'just in case'. You have to stay on your toes and be ready to pounce on an opportunity when and if, it arises. I'm up for it though. In fact...

bring it on!

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