Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Making the Tough Decisions

It was a tough one. I stared at my toy box for quite some time. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw mom waiting somewhat patiently by the door. It was time for our walk but I didn't want to go empty mouthed. I looked back to my toy box... there were balls of varying shapes, frisbees, squishy plush toys, rubber rings and singing ducks. I vascillated over the selection, I knew mom's patience was coming to an end but I also knew I had a little extra time. Mom still had her shoes on and would have to remove them before traversing the living room to get to me. (so there, clean freak)

I heard a rustle from mom, and in that moment I bit down on my blue dog. I like the blue dog. It is big - but light, and squeeks on both ends. I brought it to mom and she managed to get my harness on without removing 'Bluey' from my mouth.

The three of us trotted down the hall. Ok, I trotted. We made it to the elevator bank and I left Bluey for mom to carry while I took care of my morning business. It was sunny out, but still chilly so I made my rounds, played with a few eager beagles, saw my friend Sylvia and made a bee line back. I could barely contain myself in the elevator as I awaited the moment the elevator doors would open and mom would throw Bluey down the hall and I'd chase him.

It was a good choice I was thinking, as we neared the 36th floor. I could see Bluey streaming like a submarine through the air, torpedoing down the hall where I would pounce and squeek it. The elevator hummed to a stop and the doors opened. Like clockwork, mom threw Bluey and I sped after him. The satisfying squeek made it all worthwhile. We ran and ran - up and down the hall. Me in front with Bluey, and mom chasing after us. Ha ha - it was so fun. Finally we ran down the hall one more time and I flew inside just as mom opened the door. I dropped Bluey victoriously on the carpet and went to get a drink.

Every day is different, but today was definitely Bluey day. I'm glad I went with my instinct and didn't overthink it too much. It's looking to be a good day.

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