Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Next FedEx Mascot?

May Day!!! Happy first day of May. I've been repeating 'May Day' as my mantra all morning, as the drilling in the apartment has not let up. In fact, it has intensified as they are directly on my floor. I suppose running around and repeating a mantra does not work as well as sitting silently but either way, I think I 'may' have to change my mantra - peace and serenity it is not.

Mom and I decided that since the sun came out in its full brilliance today we would take the opportunity to get out in it as much as possible. Which would also mean, away from the drilling. So we ran our rounds and then stopped off at FedEx. Usually I just stop in to say Hi and get a treat, but today we had to mail a package and there was a line. Mom said to sit, and I did but the temptation of knowing there were treats less than 5 feet away was more than I could take and after a very long 4 minutes I let out a bark! It slipped out as it has a tendency to do, but I was told I needed to be patient. Patience is tough. There's that quote from Lucy Van Pelte in the Peanuts series ( I love those books) about patience. She says, 'I'd pray for patience but I'm afraid I'd get it' So true!

I continued to be somewhat patient and finally I moved up in the line and close enough to the counter to get Andy's attention and when I did, he said 'Hi Rambo' and got me a treat. That's service for you! I realized then and there that this is a company with high service standards and attention to detail. A place I would be proud to work. I'm right now dreaming up some options for my resume, something that would really stand out so they would realize that I'd make an incredible FedEx mascot. The colors are good and I would be part of a pretty terrific team. Go FedEx!

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