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Recycling Day!

Here I am with my friend Louise. She is helping out with E-Waste Day. The Lower East Side Ecology Center is the group that made this day happen. By recycling electronic devices, including batteries etc. we are helping to keep lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, phthlalates, (I had to google that) and other toxic materials out of the waste stream where they could contaminate water and soil. It is such a good thing I wanted to help. So I went down and helped greet people who came to drop off their electronics. I think I was helpful as they moved me from the table to the big truck where my bark could really resonate.

All in all, it seemed to be a good day - buckets of batteries, VHS machines, recorders, even an original blue apple computer! Sometimes it is hard to get rid of stuff we have had for a long time, but with electronics, which gets upgraded all the time, it is probably a good thing to recycle while you can and for free.

So thank you to everyone that donated and thanks for the treats I got while 'on the job'.

Make Green Happen!

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