Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

An Arnold Palmer for lunch

It was a lovely post-Derby kind of day. I was so busy recycling yesterday that I didn't have time to fully envelop the Derby tradition of hats etc. so today I decided to lunch and treat myself to an Arnold Palmer - virgin of course - I'm surprised no one carded me. I had a fascinating conversation and got to enjoy the flowers and afternoon sun. There were a lot of tourists passing through so new faces and then the regulars. As I sat there chewing on my straw, a few good friends passed by. I would have invited them to stay and have a drink but there weren't enough chairs. One of my friends even admitted that he didn't know how to use a straw.

'Fake it til you make it' is my motto.

Mmm.... the Palmer is a mixture of lemonade and ice tea - tangy and tart. Mom taught Aqua Zumba right before, so we were both quite thirsty. I had wanted to join her but I still am in need of some speedo trunks. Hopefully I will get a pair soon. After our beverage with Val, we ran into Uncle Don on our way home. Then our friends Naomi and Eric joined, then Raven, it was like an impromptu street party! I love those! If only I had brought my iphone, I could have cranked the tunes and danced. We still had fun. The city was a buzz, slight breeze, and I got to greet everyone. Occasionally, I would slip off to relieve myself as the Arnold Palmer was making it's way through my system. That's another benefit of street parties - easy access!

Ok, got to get back and start prepping for Cinco de Mayo! yippee!

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