Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Cinco de Mayo

Hola! It's Cinco de Mayo. I know you may be thinking, why isn't he drinking a margarita or eating a burrito? While I will admit to spending a bit of time in a bowl of chips and salsa, I also balanced that with a rather literary walk down Library Way. 'LW' is located on East 41st Street between Fifth Ave. and Park Ave. What is amazing for me, is that all literature is written at eye level - well, MY eye level. The bronze plaques are on the ground featuring famous poetry and literature.

Mom and I went around 2pm and people were rushing along, few taking the time to stop and read. I enjoyed my unobstructed view and learned quite a bit. I recommend everyone walking down LW and checking it out. At the end, you find yourself face to face with Patience and Fortitude - the Lions that guard the Public Library. Just looking at them, I might not have picked those names, but upon closer examination, it is fitting as they are quite statuesque and majestic. Did you know they guard the 15 million items inside? I hope they are being well compensated.

On our way back home, we met a very nice woman named Etta. We strolled Bryant Park with her and smelled the pretty flowers. Then we parted ways and wound our way home. I didn't want to go in as the weather was so perfect but I had burritos to roll, so roll I did! Adios!

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