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Bathing Suit Shopping...

No, I didn't go bathing suit shopping. I've heard horror stories about the fluorescent lighting, the 'fat' mirrors, the lines... practically everyone hates bathing suit shopping. That is why I wanted to just order one on the internet, but mom won't give me her credit card and purchases on line are tricky otherwise. Meanwhile, I can't find my speedo and can't go to aqua class so I've gotten a little desperate in my swimsuit search.

Today I ventured through the closets and pounced on the meliflluous scent of chlorine. Aha! I am on the right track. I rummaged a bit and to my delight found an entire section of swim suits. There were all kinds of colors; solids and prints, swirls and geometrics, but I had to focus. My mission to find a two piece suit, as a one piece would be ludicrously large and most likely make me look like a girl or a guy from the 1920's. Not that the 1920's swim costume is bad, I just don't want to draw any extra attention to myself when I go for a swim.

So I was working my way through the drawers when I heard the door opening and realized that mom was home and would find me, so I quickened my pace and grabbed the first smallish looking suit I could snag. As it turned out, it was the top that I secured, not the bottoms and it just did not work. *see photo. So it's back to square one. Hey, maybe I'm on to something - a 'square one' - might work. I could add some string and wear it like Tarzan. Did Tarzan go in the water or only fly in trees? Hmm... let me do a little more research.


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