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coffee at kava

So I'm deciding if I should get another latte. Maybe a banana muffin? Mom keeps telling me to hydrate - maybe we can strike a deal.

I love New York in the Spring. Those sunny brisk days where you can sit leisurly at an outdoor cafe and enjoy a beverage and snack while watching the hustle bustle of the city. It's nice to take time for oneself. We all tend to get caught up with work, so taking an hour or 45 minutes to slow down and enjoy the decadence of it all, is enough to revive even the dreariest of days.

I also love to watch the passerbyers... some are in such a hurry, others are meandering the streets. A few - my size, are checking me out and I give a wink in their direction. He he, then I turn back and sip my latte. I'm so cool. I am getting a little wired though. I think it's true what they say about the affects of caffiene. Maybe my next latte should be a decaf.

Oh really?! Mom says I'm not going to get any more lattes unless I drink more water. Mom has already told me that coffee is dehydrating so I need to replenish. Luckily there are a number of nice 'relief stations' in the area. Maybe I won't even need to go, if I balance just the right amount of coffee and water... I'll be at neutral. Hmm, this sounds like a worthy challenge. And I think I'll try the oatmeal cherry cookie next.

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