Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Going into the 80's

Can you believe it's well into May and we still haven't had a proper Spring yet? The weather has been on the cool side and now today it is supposed to go up to the 80's. Mom says she is waiting to bring me to the Groom Room for my hair cut as it has been so nippy, but today I'm beginning to feel the heat!

It reminds me of last summer, when I got my first opportunity to go to a beach. The soft sand squishing under my paws, flying up in the air as I galloped through. It smelled great at the water too. It is a different scent - a bit 'deeper'. I know that sounds wierd, but compared to the city smells that get so 'in your face' ( I know mom, 'well then don't put your face in it') the ocean has a bigger scent and it is beautiful.

Here is mom and I at Asbury Park. I hope I get to go back this year. Maybe I'll even venture closer to the actual water. The waves are big for someone my size so I need to prepare. I also need to get the right gear. Some water goggles and trunks for sure. If I got a small surf board I be I could hang 20 with the best of them!

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