Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Brush your Teeth

I just finished a hearty breakfast of kibble and chicken, and now it would behoove me to brush my teeth - but I don't much care for it. I've tried the dog chews that freshen your breath and help with tartar and plaque build up. (I hope that worked) I've even tried a doggy mouthwash to rinse - Blech! And mom has attempted many times to 'brush' my teeth with small finger brushes, different flavored toothpaste, whirling toothbrushes. I believe it was Cinderella with a brush head spinning on her base. Despite the fun of seeing the toothpaste whirl around, I was not too keen on putting that spinning dancer in my mouth. Mom was a little frustrated that I continued to clamp my jaw down and not open my mouth, but Cinderella covered in toothpaste is a scary sight!

On this particular day I thought mom had gotten me a new toy and I was attempting to get it to squeak when I realized that it was a TOOTHBRUSH!!!! Yikes... I've been pretty adamant that I'm not going to brush my teeth. I know it is a really good thing to do and mom does her own teeth everyday and flosses too, but I'm not sure what my toothbrush block is. I thought I might talk with someone concerning this issue, but so far everyone I've talked to tells me to just let mom brush my teeth! I'd like to hear some arguments for the other side too.

My vet, Dr. Fisch says it is very important to have clean teeth, so I make sure to rub my tongue along my teeth each day - I'm sure that helps. Meanwhile, I will stay open to the possibility of one day brushing my teeth, with a standard toothbrush - not the mini's or the electric whirring and twirling kind. And as for Cinderella, she should stick to books and musicals - toothbrushes are not her thing.

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