Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

A Day To Reflect...

It's Memorial Day! I can look out my window and see the Hudson river and the Intrepid stationed proudly on it's waters. It is a constant reminder, and today a special reminder of all those who make our country a safe place to live.

I got out on the water today - took a ferry boat across the Hudson to New Jersey and back. It is so peaceful on the water, the sun shining down and my hair blowing free. (take a good look now as I know that mom is planning my hair cut this week). It's actually good that I'm getting a hair cut, as the weather is getting hotter, and Mimi, mom's sister, keeps putting my hair up in a pony tail. I keep resisting as it makes me look like a furry Buddha, or mini sumo wrestler, but that Mimi is persistent.

It's bad enough when you are on the smaller side, but sporting a ponytail, even with the accompanying facial hair STILL didn't seem to detur people from calling out, 'Isn't she cute'! After a while I stopped hitting macho poses and lifting my leg high into the air to show them my manliness. I decided instead to let my inner strength shine through unobstructed. I went about my day, smelling and observing and being grateful for this amazing day. It got even better at dinner time, but I liked it all.

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