Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Reunion Time!

My mom went to her college reunion and all I got was this hat!

Ok, I know mom was busy catching up with friends, attending forums and dancing up a storm, but a hat?! It doesn't even fit me properly. She said I could have the button she got as a class gift, but where am I going to pin it on? Really mom...

Oh, pin it on the hat that doesn't fit and then wear your alma mater around the city - oh yeah, sure that sounds like fun. I graduated from Biscuits and Bath in 2010 so my 5 year reunion is right around the corner. Wait until I bring mom a bag of kibble or a signed pee pad from my reunion and let's see how happy she gets. She probably would see the pee pad as a useful gift, until she realized that it was 'signed'. he he.

Honestly, I'm glad she didn't have time to get me a proper gift. She spent her time with the people she hadn't seen since college and that is really what it is all about. She even brought home a book called the Brown Reader, which is a collection of stories related to Brown. She has been reading me a different story each night and it is enlightning. So many different perspectives on the same place. And beautifully written.

I look forward to tonight's story - I'm one lucky dog!

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