Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman


What is going on? One moment it is hot and humid, the next cool and overcast. I know mom has scheduled my hair cut for tomorrow. We waited until the weather got warmer, but after today who knows? I may have to start sporting my summer T shirts.

I'm not the only one confused. The flowers are blooming, then retreating, then blooming again. Who knew it was going to be so tough to be a flower this year? I love sniffing flowers! They smell so good and come in all kinds of colors. My mom has warned about the possibility of bees in there, so I try to look before my nose leaps.

Today I am off to Columbus Circle to do some shopping. Mom has a gift card that expires so we have to go and get something. I'm happy because I get a nice long walk and just as I need a rest, I get to sit in the carry bag and watch from my hidden perch. I am good at being quiet, and very few know I am even in the bag, unless I see an opening and pop up - to say hi!

I'm normally content to just sit in there for a while, but occassionally, I will give a small grrr, meaning I would like to move along, or the pace is not interesting to me. If we seem to be in a type of grid lock, or NOTHING has happened for 'some time', I have been known in the past to give one strong bark! Usually, that elicits a quick response from mom - generally negative, as she likes to sneak me in places I'm not supposed to be, so I am going to be on really good behavior. The best is when I get to pop out and walk again after my rest. I feel bouncy and revived and ready to rumble! Shop on!

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