Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

NY Stonehenge?

It was a typical shopping day... Mom and I meandered through the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. There were some nice items at Williams Sonoma, the only sad thing was that they were not doing a cooking demonstration so no snacks for me - Grrr.... (I was not growling at you, that was my stomach growling)

We ventured out the side entrance and came upon these Stone People. One appears much more tired than the other. Both have good posture, but the one is just hanging out while the other is like, 'no, I prefer to stand'. They didn't budge when I got close so mom took my picture and I attempted to stand as still as possible - to capture the energy. I even thought to place one paw on the stone like the others but I couldn't reach. Why not build my own stone person, I thought, with the stones lying around the sculpture?! But as I nudged the first stone, the doorman appeared almost magically and seemed to be watching my every move. I began to break dance but he didn't crack a smile. So in the end, I decided to let sleeping stones lie.

I got back, settled down to watch The Steve Harvey Show and made my own snack - who needs William Sonoma anyway.

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