Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Lose 2lbs in 2 hours

It was RUFF to say the least... It's not Katina's fault - she is very sweet but as soon as she gets those scissors in her hand - watch out! Mom dropped me off at the Groom Room in Hell's Kitchen (that should be enough to scare you) I was happily traipsing about on my morning stroll when I suddenly realized where we were and what it all meant. It's not that I don't like looking good, but it is an arduous process and one that requires great strength and fortitude.

I've seen others whimper at the sight of the clippers. I maintained my dignity and while I may have let out a bark or two, it was only to let K know what my boundaries were. Despite setting boundaries, I emerged a bit scrappier looking than expected. I AM clean though, and 'cute' and at least 2lbs lighter. (My vet will be happy to hear that) My head looks particularly large right now, but I'm sure I will look more proportioned as my hair grows back. My nails are clipped, my ears are squeeky clean and for the most part I'm happy.

Tomorrow is my birthday so I want to look my best. In the future, I will do the groom a little bit sooner as it takes a while for the cut to 'settle'. Mom says she loves me though, so it's ok. My ego can withstand a little testing.

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