Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Wonderful Life!

It's June 1st...almost qualifies as a holiday since it is the start of a new month. And it is definitely a holiday for me, as today is my birthday party. It is later in the day so no pictures yet, but I am 'Ringing in the Celebration!'

I can relate to Jimmy Stewart in 'It's a Wonderful Life' because he learns to really appreciate his life. Sometimes you can get in a rut, where you end up doing the same thing day after day and even good things can get boring. So I feel it is important to take real notice of the good things in your life and be grateful for them. Then it is as if you opened the flood gates to good things - that is all you start seeing.

Let me give you an example. I get breakfast each morning and if I finish it, I get a treat. I came to expect the treat and maybe take it for granted. Then one day we were out of treats and I felt quite a void. I got a little grumpy and spent the afternoon wondering why mom wasn't able to stock the pantry with enough treats. I pondered this all day thinking, they don't take up much room, the pet store is close by, you could probably freeze treats and thaw in emergency... and this is an emergency... my mind continued these thoughts throughout our afternoon walk and even until dinner time. I didn't even enjoy my dinner as much, even though it was delicious because I got myself so crazed over the stupid treats!

The next day I awoke and decided to 'let go' of the need for treats and just enjoy the day. No sooner had this happened then I happened upon my friend Toby during my morning walk. He was sitting on the park ledge so I jumped up to join him. And that's when I saw it, he was sitting there so nicely waiting for a treat! Well... I sat SUPER NICE and his mom asked if it was ok if I got a treat too. A yes was uttered and in that instant, my treat supply had been reinstated! The universe was providing treats once again.

Sure there are days that I don't get an edible treat, but I find other treats - like friends on a walk, a sweet smelling flower, a new street to explore. The world is full of so many treats and I wouldn't have even realized it if I hadn't opened my eyes to all that was in front of me. It's good being 4 years old and mature enough to realize such things.

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