Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

I'm 4 and proud of it.

You know how parents like to put a T-shirt on a baby when they are 2 months or 3 months etc.? Well my mom thought that was a cute idea and decided rather than a T-shirt, I should pose next to a balloon announcing my age! Well, I'm 4 and proud of it. I had an excellent day and partied all weekend long. Party hats CAN be fun - as long as everyone wears them and for the most part they did. I must admit, I was a little zonked after all that carousing but it was worth it!

Oh and did I mention the ice cream cake. The whole diet concept went right out the window with that. Well, phooey, birthdays are meant to let loose and indulge oneself... so I did. It was fun! I will say that it was a little tougher getting up this morning - I think it was all the sugar. If I eat sugar late at night I wake up groggy. So I woke up groggy and loved it. I slept in, rolled over and slept some more. The workers outside started drilling and I simply slipped under the covers and continued to day dream - ah.... so lovely!

After an afternoon stroll to stretch the legs and catch my rays of vitamin D, I grabbed a little snack and then ran into my friends Ashela and Sophie in the hall. We played ball and it was soooo fun! Sophie and I did most of the chasing - Ashela likes to sit and watch as she is more of the supportive fan type. Now it's time for dinner and I do believe there is some leftover roast beef that grandma brought for my birthday dinner. This birthday just keeps on giving!

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