Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

I'm legal

The weather is getting warmer, I'm legal (in dog years) and I'm the adventurous type. So when Mr. Biggs reopened with a big sign stating that they had 48 Draft beers and outdoor seating - I was there! Until now, I have been satisfying my summer people watching indulgence by sitting at the coffee shop, but now, I have options. Yes, there are iced coffees, but nothing is like a cold beer in a frosty mug with some pretzels or chips. (I'm salivating just writing about it) And with 48 different beers, I could drink a different one for practically a month and a half before having to repeat myself.

And there is something else too. At the coffee shop, we generally had a muffin (delicious at Kava) or maybe an early evening salad. But at Mr. Biggs when you want to move past the appetizers, you get to burgers! Yes, luscious, mouth watering, juicy beef or turkey delights. I'm thinking if I can convince mom to join me later in the day - it will be dinner time and burgers will be making their way to my face. It's all timing. I'll mention the overwhelming projected heat and how going just a little bit later will save us from having to slather on the sun block and I'll get her! Of course, all of this will mean extra time on our walks and probably some running. But I LOVE RUNNING so this is going to be perfect! Bring on beer #1!

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