Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Building Twitter Followers

So today I decided to venture further into social media and see what all the Tweeting is about.

I've been barking for years now but it hasn't seemed to catch on like the tweeting... makes no sense. I even did my own personal survey and there are a lot more dogs than birds... unless you count the pigeons and the flocks of birds that fly in V formation everywhere. Maybe I counted those formation flocks twice - coming and going - they all look the same to me.

Ok now I'm going to hear it from the birds. I didn't mean to be derogatory at all - that's not how I roll. I simply can't see their faces when they fly so high in the sky! Dogs you can see much more easily. They tend to be at eye level or (a little higher) and mostly stay in the hood, unlike birds that fly all over the country. One builds a rapore and camaraderie, I have yet to do that with a bird.

In fact, I ran into another Yorkie today named Nathan. I had never seen him before and it turns out he is half my age. He looked a lot like me though, good looking guy. But I feel a bit bad for him. I mean, he is basically named after a hot dog! I on the other paw, am named after an actor portraying a warrior or as many confuse me with Rocky, the boxer.

I guess there could be similarities if it was a championship hot dog eating contest like the ones at Coney Island. Once a year, people gather to see who can eat the most hot dogs and become champion! All these people eating, no devouring hot dog upon hot dog to become the winner. Yes, I believe that is warrior like and could be as tough as boxing several rounds, so I'll concede that Nathan might not be such a bad name after all. But I digress...

I am seen here with my first Twitter Followers. None of us can tweet yet, we still can't get past the bark, but we are going to keep trying. If at first you don't succeed...

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