Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Rainy Day...

Today is one of those rainy days... one of those perfect days to stay inside, watch a movie and eat popcorn. Mom and I got up early and we waited for that precise moment when the dark clouds float by and the new ones begin moving into position overhead. I gazed above me at the clouds and honestly I couldn't tell which clouds had dispensed their watery load and which were still full - like water pistols ready to squirt me. In that almost silent space, we ventured out and I did all my business pronto! I giggled to myself when I realized that in a way, I am like the rain cloud - just a little closer to the ground. :)

I didn't bother putting on my raincoat but when I returned I started sifting through catalogues for a new one. It would seem my little red one either shrunk in the dryer or maintained its size while I grew! I think it is the latter. As I clicked from one site to the next I found a more technical type of raingear. This one would require mom to hold the gear, but since it would simply replace the leash, I believe she would go for it.

In the picture, the umbrella fits over someone like me and the handle becomes the leash. It would appear that the 'holder' would get wet however unless they had someone holding an umbrella for them. Which, as you follow this logic becomes very complicated and over staffed.

Maybe I will invent a hat for mom that she can place on her head that pops into an umbrella! Then she could wear that and I could have the umbrella leash. Wow - that's a lot of thinking. I'm going to take advantage of this grey day and nap on it and see what pops.

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