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Do you know how often people comment that pets and their owners look alike... well, it's true. The longer we are together, the more mom and I seem to have morphed. I mean, I get a hair cut, mom gets a hair cut. I do my PX90 and mom does her spin class, I love a nice evening meal, so does mom. I could go on.

And it's just not us. I see similar traits and quirks and hair with other couples. It's also an energy. Some couples seem to bounce down the street, others keep their heads down and don't have time to even say hello. Both mom and I like to run fast but we'll stop anytime to meet and greet - even if it has to be a quickie! We can be found sprinting across town and then calmly meditating (I sometimes sleep). I like to smell practically everything and mom enjoys certain smells. I must admit I am more adventurous in that department so far.

I think the main thing is that both grow and change together. That is what keeps a relationship strong - outside of treats. Sure there are days that one or both of us are in a mood or not feeling ourselves. That is when it is important to be sensitive to the other and see if you can help out. I always try to lend a helping paw when I can. You just never know what the other has been going through. And what's the worst that can happen? You end up being nice to someone for no reason at all. And that is just fine with me. Giving a smile, a kiss, or a listening ear...it makes a difference and then that same gesture gets paid forward and before you know it - you've made a real difference.

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