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As you may or may not know - I am a regular meditator. Despite my years of practice I haven't ever levitated! I'd love to feel that. Can you imagine... you are simply sitting and your body starts to lift into the air and you hover there... oh how fun! Of course, you are not to have any expectation of levitating because that kind of messes things up. You need to be present and mindful. And there we go again, 'mindful'. They ask us to mindful but yet we are supposed to be clearing our minds. And if I go with mindless, it infers I am not present. This is what is crazy with all that philosophical stuff.

Mom and I meditate to lessen stress and to slow things down. Everything can move quite quickly in New York City. I also find that by becoming present, I appreciate things more. And then, it happens. I fall asleep.

I don't mean to, but the music or my breathing is so soothing that I slip away and before you know it, mom is done and taking pictures of me like this! Ok, she got me this time. And it isn't so bad if you fall asleep, it just means you needed a rest. The rest becomes your present (to yourself) and tada you are present again! :) How's that for coming up with my own theory on meditation and sleep habits!

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