Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

You talkin' to me?!

It's yet another grey foggy day. The sun, not unlike Netflix, has been attempting to stream... some rays of sunshine. The connection must be bad because not much is getting through. I may have to upgrade.

So here I sit. Mom is off teaching aqua classes and I am staring out the window, willing the sun to appear. I did do some more meditating and then after catching up on sleep, thought I would answer my emails and write my blog.

This was going slowly, so luckily mom returned and fed me. It was strange, I was hungry but the food didn't look all that appealing. The chicken was a little rubbery, so I walked away from the bowl. This action had little to no affect on mom. She didn't jump up from the sofa where she sat with her coffee to alter my meal,( like I thought she would), so I went to plan 2.

I sat in front of her and stared.

I made sure my eyes were open wide and I gulped a few times to make me look hungrier. This finally induced some movement on her part. She picked up some tidbits and tried to feed me by hand. Since it didn't change the consistency of the chicken I balked. She then tried masking the chicken with almond butter, but that didn't work with me.

I finally ended up with some sweet potato snacks wrapped in chicken, followed by some chicken jerky. Ok not the MOST nutritious but much more delicious! rhymes... he he

Sometimes you just have to hold your ground!

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