Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Flag Day

As the song goes... Celebrate good times, c'mon....I love to celebrate and today's holiday -

Flag Day - is no exception.

I don't think this is what one is normally supposed to do - dress head to toe in a Flag Suit -

but it seems to work for me. If you are going to celebrate, you might as well go all out! Mom told me a story about the time she wished her friends a Happy Flag Day, and they looked at her as if she had gone mad. When she said, 'I know it is an obscure holiday, but why not celebrate Flag Day?' Her friends visibly relaxed and said, 'Oh... we thought you wished us a Happy Fag Day. It pays to pronounce your words clearly.

So why do we have a Flag Day? Because in 1777 the Continental Congress first issued the U.S. flag. And as the Flag is a symbol for our nation, we have this day to honor it. This year 2014, is also the 200th anniversary of the Star- Spangled Banner, our national anthem, written by Francis Scott Key. It is believed that the flag inspired the song. To make sure, I sang through the song in my head a few times (it can get so high) and confirmed that the song goes la la la .... flag was still there. The flag was first, this is no chicken/egg quandry.

I'm proud to celebrate Flag Day and glad that it was such a nice sunny day too! The sun is just starting to go down now and I see the Red White and Blue lights beginning to shine from the Empire State Building. A pretty sight.

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