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World Cup Soccer

Now that I have fully celebrated Flag Day and Father's Day, I am ready to focus attention back to Brazil and World Cup Soccer! Of course I had been keeping an eye out on the Spurs and Heat as I am also a big basketball fan, but being on the shorter side, I find my skill set more suited to soccer than basketball.

'Spurred On' (couldn't resist that small pun) by the Spurs victory, I have been getting up early to practice my own paw-eye coordination in the hallways of my home. It takes discipline to set a schedule when you are a freelancer, so as soon as the iphone goes off, I am up and at 'em! Mom got me a miniature soccer ball and I am very good at maneuvering the ball, chasing the ball, chomping down on the ball, and balancing the ball under one paw. I am slightly hindered by the lack of a team, but I hope that given an opportunity to play with others, I would be aware enough to see the big picture and pass the ball to the open player rather than trying to score all by myself.

At this point I am happy to play 'ball in the hall' and run really fast with the ball in my mouth. But if you hear of any team openings let me know. I'm sure I'll look great in a uniform.

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