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Opening Presents

Today is my Uncle Tony's Birthday! Happy Birthday! It's also my workout buddy Pam's Bithday - Happy Birthday! I thought since I am an expert present opener, I would share some of my tips for opening presents. Tony had mentioned that he may need some assistance so I am happy to oblige. I also included a step by step video in case something was unclear. (but since I am particularly thorough, the video is really there for added entertainment value)

Opening a Present:

First - take a moment to admire the wrapping and the time the gift giver has spent to make your present special. (if you take a long breathe in and out, that is usually long enough)

Then survey the package and determine which method of opening, might best suit your mood. Then I like to start slowly, to increase the anticipation... until I can take it no more and I throw care to the wind and enter a state of abandon!

I dive right into that package. I will rip, tear, claw, gnaw, scratch, chew, stomp and chomp until that present is revealed. All that should remain is a present and tiny bits of paper strewn recklessly around the room. The messier the better! I know it is nice to recycle paper - sometimes

but then you lose that moment of undescribably joy!

So if today is your birthday, you know what to do. If it isn't, I recommend some practice time. Buy yourself a gift, or better yet, get someone else to gift you. Then OPEN the present!!! I like some peppy background music while I open gifts or you can simply assemble a small audience to cheer you on.

Let me know how much fun you have opening gifts. And if you have further questions don't hesitate to ask.

#presents #gifts

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