Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Tropical Plants in Manhattan?

The Seasons have melded or rather melted into one. I don't know where Spring went, but Summer has arrived with temperatures in the 90's. I had to get up mighty early to avoid the sweltering heat of the day and during my afternoon walk, despite the heat, I had to maintain my peppy gait to avoid paw burn.

I searched out shade, difficult to do in the middle of Manhattan, and discovered that many of the planters had been redone. New exotic looking plants were installed and I wriggled in close and noticed the intricate designs and rubbery texture. I like that there is a pop of color with the red stalks too. I bet the planters picked particularly hardy plants that could withstand the heat and dust and cacophany of city life. I bet it is easier for a plant to thrive in a rain forest, but the plants here must have many more stories to tell.

Speaking of stories, mom took me uptown to the veggie market and we tried out the new carry bag. I wasn't supposed to be IN the tented fruit stand, so mom put me in the bag and I stayed very quiet while she got the fruits and veggies. I watched everyone squeezing and pinching the fruit, picking out the most ripe, people with headphones, couples talking... When we emerged from the tent, mom opened the bag and I jumped out like a jack in the box! Sometimes mom will sing the song - and when she says "pop goes the weasel" I jump up!

Mom carried me for a few blocks so I got a different perspective and then we walked home together. It's good to get out and see the world.

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