Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Cirque du Soleil

It's Summer and I am not going to summer camp so I am creating activities for myself at home. I want things that are fun while also increasing my physical dexterity and mind agility. After all my meditation work, I see the mind/body connection as very important so I want both parts to be tip top. Speaking of the tip top...or maybe that's big top...yeah, big top - circus- spectacular skills and artistry. I want to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. I'm already pretty good at jumping through hoops - literally and figuratively, and I am working on the ball walking, so I thought a nice addition would be some aerial work. Mom has it on her resume, 'Aerialist', so I thought... Like mother like son.

I got myself IN the hammock (with an assistant) and can now swing back and forth, sleep and wriggle like an inch worm. That is probably enough for my Cirque du Soleil audition piece , but I want to be extra prepared. I need to create an original character that will differentiate me from every other auditioner. I probably need some type of fancy costume, as they really go for that sort of thing there. Since I am in a hammock, I am going to nap in here and see if I can come up with any 'out of the box' thoughts.

So far, this aerial hammock is more difficult to master than I originally thought. I imagined myself flipping and hanging gracefully in elongated poses. Possibly making some odd character sounds, but honestly, I can't seem to move from this position. Luckily my head is sticking out and I can breathe, but this is definitely going to take more time than I anticipated.

I think mom will be home from class soon and she can get me out of here. Meanwhile, I might as well relax. It IS quite comfy in here, and I do like heights. The Amazing Rambo! That has a nice ring to it. Cirque has those fancy names though like Allegria, O, Mystere...

maybe I should try the name Rambogria! No, now I sound like a fancy drink.

How about 'O Rambo!?'

That doesn't sound right.

Mysterambo - that sounds like Mr. Rambo in French. You know, that's not half bad.

Mysterambo signing off with an adieu.

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