Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Mailroom Mayhem

It's the first day of Summer - and the longest day of the year. Well, not really the longest day. It is the longest amount of daylight, something like 15 hours and change. That's quite amazing when you think about it. The Earth is always rotating and on this exact day we are tilted just right to get all that extra sunshine - nice.

So you'd think with all this sunshine, that I would be in a complete bliss state, but I'm not. I'm a little confused. They instituted a new method of package delivery at the mailroom this week. Before, there would be a little note inside my mailbox saying that I had a package and that I needed to go to the mailroom, the package room or the post office. Ok, confusing enough. But now, sadly I believe because of post office cut backs, the mailroom personnel no longer put the notes in the box. The package room people are now having to pick up the slack and let us know we have a package. But they can't get inside our boxes (that's only for Post office people) and so they began delivering notes to our doors. I knew that wouldn't last... package guys traipsing around two 46 story buildings with xeroxed form letters addressed for instance to Dear - Mr. Rambo - saying basically in old AOL style, 'you've got mail'!

So now even in our high tech society, the package room has acquiesed to using small pieces of white paper that say PACKAGE on them and taping them to the outside of our mailboxes. Yikes, I can smell a problem a brewin'... One would think there would be a better way, but for now, this is it.

Well, it's Summer, so who cares?! I'm getting my Speedo on and hitting the kiddie pool!

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