Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Heat Wave

My mom went to the pool and all I got were these flip flops!

I think something is up... I sent away for my speedo, months ago and somehow they have yet to arrive. I have goggles, but they won't let me in the pool without a suit so wait I must. I think it's cool that mom has flip flops with her name on them, but I don't want any as it would be way to cumbersome trying to maneuver in them. I'm sure I'd be doing more flips and flops than your are supposed to do in the shoes. As a matter of fact, I've yet to see anyone actually flip in flip flops. I've seen people tumble and stumble in them, but nary a real flip!

I've consulted the flip flop people and I have been told the shoes were named after the sound they make. There is a slapping sound made between the sole of the foot and the floor when you walk. They are quite noisy in fact, unless you are on the carpet. It is said that the ancient Egyptians back in 4,000 BC wore flip flops.

Now of course, flip flops are fancier - fancy flip flops- some with heels, extra cushion, straps etc. If you are going to do that - you might as well call them something else. What mom?

Oh, mom has a pair called Fit Flops - a fancy version with some foot support. Well, there you have it. Fit, Flip, Flop... it's all out there for your walking pleasure. Now somone get me a suit so I can flit, flirt, flip and flop into the pool - Cannon Ball time!

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