Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Citi-Bike in the City

Living in the city means you have to play the city game. There are lots of people and maneuvering your way is an art form. Many people who come to New York, are surprised at the speed New Yorkers walk. Us city dwellers are used to being on foot and having to be somewhere 'a few minutes ago'. So we don't dawdle, look at the building tops, admire a pretty window, we are on point, zig zagging our way through throngs of people, running across the street as the traffic signal number approaches 0.

So when the Citi bike program began, New Yorkers found a new way to navigate the streets and this time on wheels! Despite the large number of bikes and docks, there are still a limited quantity of bikes. And when you need one, you need one. Usually, you have pre-planned to use the bike, rather than walk, and therefore only given yourself a quarter of the time to get to the destination. So after checking that there IS a bike available on your phone app, you head down to ride into the distance. And then it happens...

Either the bike has been taken in the minute it took you to get to the dock or you see someone approaching 'your' bike. This happened yesterday with my friend Rosie. We both needed a bike and upon realizing the situation, we made eye contact and bee-lined it to the last bike.

I made a stunning leap into the air and squiggled on to the seat as Rosie approached from behind.

You can see the struggle - I'm not proud - but I did get the bike. This time.

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