Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Slip Slidin' Away

I'm back at the park. I am not sure what possessed me to climb up to the top of the slide as things look a lot different from here. Ever since I was a pup, I've heard of others reveling in their enjoyment of sliding down a sliding board. There are even water slides. So when I noticed the slide from the corner of my eye, I ran over to try.

I got to the top and then I noticed there is no way to control the slide. You can't go slow for the first part, feel comfortable, and then 'let go' and slide real fast. It is a Nike 'just do it' moment. I thought about all the things I do, and most of the time when I just jump -- four feet in --without looking back, the experience is full and fun! Other times, I think too much.

This is what I believe happened on this day. I got up to the top and realized that I was higher up than I thought, and that I couldn't easily retreat down the stairs I had just climbed. The easier, more direct route would be to slide down. The Pros and Cons battled in my head. I took a few deep breaths, admired the pretty trees all around me, felt the air lightly blowing my ears back and forth and I made up my mind.

I looked at mom, and then turned around and tick tocked my way down the staircase. I reached the soft green grass and Mom congratulated me on my descent down the stairs. She said nothing about sliding. She's a good mom. I think I will slide down another day - today I just wasn't feeling it - and that's ok.

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