Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman


It's the final day of June already... my how time flies.

Last night the whole family got together and we went to a pizza place downtown. It was very delicious. You can see the content look on my face as Grandpa drives me home. I've learned to work the system.

I wasn't allowed inside the restaurant - even after going there earlier with Aunt Mimi and meeting the owner. It seems NY pet laws trump cuteness. (Something is definitely wrong). Despite this terrible oversight, I still managed to acquire some tasty morsels. It all has to do with a little foresight and patience. I allowed Uncle Peter to give me an early dinner, even though I had overheard the conversation about the pizza. I ate slowly so I would feel full but not stuffed and then I plotted.

I had to wait a bit at home, but I gave some really sad eyes when people left for the restaurant, and I knew 'they would be back'. When they mentioned my 'tough tactics' I gently reminded them of the story the restaurant owner, Chris told us. He said that his dog used to eat all his meals with silverware. He told of how the dog would watch everyone else using cutlery and after a 4 day hunger strike, they finally gave in, and for 14 years he ate off a spoon... or a fork.

Since my demands seemed lame compared to that, I got some veggie pizza upon their return. I didn't over do it as too much cheese is bad for me, but it was YUMMY! I slept well that night and while I may not be spoon fed, I do all right.

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