Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Fit is everything.

It is July 1st - "bunny bunny" (that's good luck to say on the first of the month).

Hard to believe it is July already and the 4th is around the corner. Today I realized that I have to start prepping my 4th of July outfit. I usually start earlier, but somehow I got busy and now I'm scrambling.

I went into the closet and tried on a few things. Most of the clothes are just not the right size. Tailoring really is important when it comes to petite sizing. It is important for everyone, but if you are petite, you can get swallowed up in items that aren't properly proportioned.

For instance, here I am in my star spangled shorts. As you can see the waistband it way too big and my whole lower half has disappeared in a myriad of stars. I look patriotic, but more of a 'before' picture than an 'after'. So I will continue to prep. I have three more days. A fancy hat or tie could really spruce this up. One of my baby pictures had me in a skirt - unfortunate. It's amazing what mom's can get away with, when it comes to dressing up the little ones.

So if you haven't gotten your outfit together yet, start working on it. Not all of us look great in primary colors, but with the right fit and accessories -I know you can pull off a top notch look!

(sparkles, rhinestones and glitter are recommended for this holiday - woo hoo)

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