Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Dog Day Afternoon

The second day of July and it feels like Summer - big time.

The humidity has kicked in and I'm happily hanging indoors with the air conditioning.

I did some computer work, but now I'm just lounging. I need a break from all the 4th of July

planning. Grandma gave me additional duties (there's a poop joke there) as she is heading a July 4th celebration at her aparment complex.

She's got music and decorations and meals she is coordinating. She wants me to work up a new playlist for her as I like to keep more current with the top tunes. She also wants me to help with the decorations so I spent the morning stringing red white and blue cupcake foils on a string to make a 'fancy wreath'. I saw it on the Today show and it actually looks pretty good. There are a number of decorating things you can do with burlap too - wrapping around bottles and stenciling, but try that with paws - not the easiest. And don't even get me started with Pinterest. There are so many 4th of July cookies, and centerpieces and decorating ideas that I could explode like a firework!

I'll try one more time with the stenciliing, but if it looks more like paw print paw print paw print, instead of Happy 4th of July - so be it!

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