Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Down to the wire...

It is July 3rd and my 4th of July ensemble is kicking into high gear. I tried several variations on a theme - I added bracelets and sun glasses and my red white and blue dog tag is super sparkly! The only problem is that, while I look quite spiffy, I'm not really able to move much. The bracelet is a bit large, even when I squeeze it, and the sunglasses could qualify me in a balancing act!

I think I am going to have to go for something more simple, but with heart. It is all about this great country that we live in. I am really lucky to be 'born in the USA' where treats are available on almost every corner. I get 2 meals a day and a bone on special occassions. I mean where else in the world would I get an ice cream cake for my birthday - with my name written on it?!

Later today I am going to visit Aunt Mimi and Uncle Peter and then spend the 4th of July watching the fire works and hanging with my peeps! Holidays like this are also so special because people get off from work and get to do fun stuff. A change in the everyday pattern is good. I am definitely a creature of habit - I like to visit the same places over and over. But I will secretly share that when I go somewhere new, it is exciting and time seems to fly. So enjoy the day - I'm planning on it being a blast! (get it - fireworks - blast...?!)

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