Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Independence Day!

It is independence day so I am here acting very independent! Only thing is I feel a bit dwarfed by these big Flags. I guess it IS their day, and I am just living in it, but maybe I should have been sitting on a box or something? Well, I'm not going to get all caught up with that on a day like today, I have more important things to ponder. Like, should I eat a hamburger or hot dog? Eat it plain or surrounded in a toasted bun? The bun being smothered with a buttery shmear that gets grilled into its very essence...

Oh, I'm hungry now. Why am I still sitting here? I have to change and start mingling with all the people and food. I've already heard a few firecrackers go off. Those are the ones that individuals get, usually on the side of the road in the suburbs. Those take all that effort to set up and ignite and basically you end up with one good ol' pop! I'd just as well wait for Macy's to get their barges out while I sync the radio station and gaze upon their half hour extravaganza! During which, flowers and smiley faces and cascades of light glisten in the night.

When I was a pup, my mom took me to my first fireworks. We sat under these two flag poles and at 9pm, the show began. At first I was a little nervous and then I remember lying down in mom's lap and listening to the pops. I had the best seat in the house. It had been a long day, my tummy was full and I was exactly where I wanted to be. Life is Good!

Happy Birthday America!!!

(I hope you got an ice cream cake with your name on it - as that is my favorite)

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