Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Brunch Undercover

Nothing like Sunday Brunch in New York City. Especially on a holiday weekend. Everyone lazily emerging from their slumber, and awaiting that first sip of coffee or bite of buttermilk pancake. I was happy to be visiting with Aunt Mimi and Uncle Peter for this delectible outing until I realized that I would not 'exactly' be sitting at the table.

What?! I have to sit where? This is ridiculous. I don't care about the law. I am cleaner than most people, I've had 3 baths just this weekend! But there was nothing I could do. It was undercover brunch or sit in the aparment and wait for scraps. My choice was easy.

I sat very quietly on Mimi's cushy lap and waited for Peter to hand me bite size pieces of egg, french toast and buttery potatoes. It could be worse. It is a beautiful day, not too hot and it is actually nicely shaded here under the table.

When the waiter would come to take the order or refill the water, I would lie real still and visualize myself as a silver grey napkin. No one noticed me so I have to conclude that mom's acting techniques are working. Mimi shared her water with me (those potatoes are salty) and between the two of us, I think the wait staff though Aunt Mimi had a drinking problem.

Once I thought I might have been spied out and I attempted to jump to the nearby bush, but it was a false alarm and eating resumed. All in all, despite the ridiculous laws they have here in NYC regarding those of my demeanor, to eat at certain establishments, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I will go on Yelp later but I'll use an alias - I don't want anyone getting in trouble. I'll be touting the omelettes, they are simply scrumptious!

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