Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Psst.. I'm still here.

It is July 7th, the monday afer the long holiday weekend. I like Mondays, but today I'm still in holiday mode and wish it was still Sunday. I was having so much fun. In fact, even with the less than stellar accommodations at the restaurant yesterday - I was kind of content. I like being "Rambo Undercover", it is kind of like 'Underdog' - and he was a Superhero.

I got up early but felt like sleeping a little longer so I rolled over and let mom scratch my tummy until the second snooze alarm went off. Then we had to hustle to get the walk in before aqua class. We accomplished that and more. We emerged into the luscious Summer morning and after some quick grazing, I saw my buddies on the park wall. I like to sneak up behind them, then POUNCE on the wall and startle them. It's so fun to see everyone jump! I think I may have caused some Starbucks to go wayward onto the sidewalk, but it was worth it. (maybe not to everyone though). I stayed and chatted, then went about my business and got home in time for mom to teach. I got my treat and hung out until she returned and got my breakfast.

Ok, maybe post holiday isn't so bad either. I am going to reconsider my previous statement.

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