Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

In honor of Layla

This is Layla. She was my neighbor, pal, FB friend and much much more. I have known her since I was a pup. She was bigger than I was, but she didn't scare me. She was a gentle giant. She would run down the hall with all of us - Ashela, Buddy, Sophie and myself and we would play until someone had to 'go home'. Layla was older than all of us - but never seemed to run out of energy or display anything but that huge smile. She loved this rubber turkey and always tried to steal it and keep it at her house, but we were on to her.

Yesterday Layla left our hall and planet. But her energy, smile and gentleness will always remain with us. You brought us all such joy. Thank you.

We miss you Layla. Much love always.

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