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Farmers Market

It's Saturday and that means farmers market on 43rd Street. Ok, let's just say it's not the biggest farmers market. We have Stony Hill, where they sell organic produce and baked goods. I have to be honest and say I don't see a big difference with all the organic hype. I checked out the bins and the lettuce looks the same. Mom says there are no harmful pesticides on the food, and that makes it healthier. Well, then shouldn't all food just be organic? Mom looked at me and said we'd discuss later.

Next we walked by the barrels of pickles! I love the smell of all the different pickles, mom doesn't let me get too close though, I think she thinks I'll pee on it. They are tempting, those big wooden barrels...but I know better. The Pickle man also has olive tapenade and some dried tomato mixtures. Mom got a container of something colorful and we walked on.

Next in the 'farmer market line up' is Sherri! She is set up on the street with her keyboard and CD's singing away - mom and I danced by and waved. She even gave us a shout out! Chris was next with her pretty necklaces, chokers and bracelets - very pretty - good gifts too. I know mom has a few. Finally, someone new with mosaic tiles. Also mirrors with mosaics, and other mosaic items. Mosaic is a funny word if you say it enough times... Mosaic...

It is a nice midtown type market - nothing compared to Union Square or Upper West Side, but it has heart. Heart and pesticide free - pretty good all in all!

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