Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Sunday - day of rest.

Sunday! A little overcast to start, so what better thing to do than sleep in! The alarm went off, the iphone rang out it's little tune, and after a quick swipe of the paw, both mom and I rolled over and laid still. Mom scratched my tummy and I luxuriated in the moment. Finally mom got up and started doing morning things and I simply rolled back over onto my tummy. It's so nice with the cool sheets underneath me, the pillow supporting my side, and lots of room to stretch out. (I'm longer than the pillow now) I can even peer out the window from this position now that mom has opened the shades.

I don't really want to move. I know I need to take care of business and I have greeting to do, but yesterday was busy busy and I feel like I need a 'catch up day'. Yeah, the day where you have nothing you HAVE to do, so you can do whatever you like, without the guilt of feeling you need to do something you thought you SHOULD do. See, even thinking about that is too taxing on the brain, so I will continue to lie here.

Uh oh, it seems it is time to make the bed. Knowing that the sheets need to come off first, I mentally know that I need to remove myself, but physically I don't want to. Thus, a stare off begins between mom and I. (elapsed time 30 seconds) and well...

I am now resting on the carpet. The carpet isn't bad, soft and foam cushion. I could idle the day away here but I hear treats being procured from the kitchen so I think it is time to meander over and start the day!

And look, the sun is starting to peek out too - I guess everyone needed a little extra time this morning. Have a great one!

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