Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Back to work.

It's a Wednesday and I've decided I need to do a little 'spring cleaning' as far as my business stuff goes. It is hard to write a blog and do all the social media I need to do, if my desk is a mess. So today I began going through old contacts - mostly file folders and business cards. I refiled the business cards that I intend to use and the others I discarded.

Mom told me that I shouldn't just throw paper with personal information in the mail, because there is the possibliity of identity theft. The better method we agreed, is to shred all the old documents. That way none of the information will be discernable. But since we don't have a shredder, I did the next best thing - Chew!

It takes a bit longer than a shredder, but is even more effective and I must admit a bit fun! Mom would toss the paper on the ground and I would chew. Toss and Chew, Toss and Chew, Toss and Chew...We worked steadily and got a good amount done. Then it was time for our afternoon walk.

It was good to breathe the fresh air and visit my friends. On the way out, I saw my good buddy who puts the beautiful flower displays in our lobby. I said hello, and of course took time to smell the flowers. Then I stopped at the 'treat store' as I like to call it, and saw Bianca. I did my round of tricks - turn around, paw, sit, jump, and ended up with some yummy treats. I don't even bother with the free treat bowl anymore, as I get the quality stuff from Bianca behind the counter.

Now that I am revived of spirit and body, I am ready to tackle some more cleaning.

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