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Connecting to Art

Today as I passed through the lobby of my building, I took a moment not only to smell the flowers, but this time to admire the sculpture. Since I come from an artistic family, I appreciate this kind of thing. I first smelled it, but could not discern a peculiar scent, then I sat on it. That was difficult as it does not have a lot of width, and I asked mom to take me down from my precarious perch, before something unfortunate happened. Finally, I simply took a stroll around it and studied it from all angles.

I was taught that sculpture should be interesting from any angle. It is not flat like a painting so every surface needs to say something. I don't know if this piece of sculpture is all THAT, but it is pretty and I like that there is artwork available for everyone in the building to admire.

Mom took this picture of me with the sculpture. Because of my height, it was either get the whole sculpture or get me. Mom went with my suggestion - ME! You get the idea with the sculpture, it continues in a rectangular shape and if I could have balanced in the middle as I first tried - it would have framed me beautifully. Oh well, over the Summer I will explore more city art and see what I find. New York is a font of fun stuff like this.

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