Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Who's your eye doctor?

It's Friday - the weekend - woo hoo! I got up early and we went for our morning walk when I was confronted by not one but two other yorkies! (For a moment, it looked like I had morphed into three!) One of the yorkies was supposed to be the friendly one, and the other - not sure what?! So I stayed near the nice one and struck up a mini conversation when this prince charles came over and interrupted.

Mom then became like the bad paparazzi, shooting pics that you would rather not have plastered all over the internet. Mind you, I gave that guy a piece of my mind and then scooted out the door. But this is what can happen living in the city. A lot of different personalities all crammed into a city with small little sidewalks and limited space. You are bound to have some invasion of privacy.

Mom and I have talked about boundaries and the need to have them. It's hard when you want to say hello to everyone, but it is necessary as everyone isn't in a good mood everyday.

I still run up to greet those I know, but I am much more wary with new comers. It isn't stand-offish to be that way - it is smart.

On the way back I got to finish my encounter with the yorkies and both turned out to be quite nice. I don't know if our relationship will grow into more, but it is always good to have friends. Plus, they told me they would friend me on facebook! I'm excited about that as I like to have lots of friends - it's fun to see the numbers get higher and higher.

As for the photo - well, if you are going to play the social media game, it's all to be expected!

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