Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Strolling the Village

Today was glorious out - not too hot or too cold... just right (to quote a famous bear)

I met up with my Aunt Mimi and Uncle Peter and walked all over the city. It is fun to meet new people and to visit new places. Peter and I like to take several walks throughout the day. We start early in the morning - then have breakfast, take a little nap, and start again. I like this kind of regimen.

Peter and I had already done our morning and afternoon walks before Mimi joined us. She had other things to do. But as soon as she caught up with us, the pace quickened. Mimi likes to DO things. Peter and I are content to stroll and chat and sit and watch... but Mimi likes to run and go to stores and have ME do various and sundry things. She will have me sit on a bench, then jump over a bag, then 'strike a pose'! I tell her I'm not Madonna but that doesn't detur her. She adds my doggles and places me in the front of the citibike and rides like the wind. I think she imagines herself Batman to my Robin.

Hey do you know what they called Batman and Robin after they got run over by a bus?

answer: Flatman and Ribbon! ha ha ha - Flatman and Ribbon - pretty funny eh?

Well, luckily we escaped all buses - barely... Mimi tends to multitask and focus on the weekends is erratic at best. But in the end, I found myself in my mom's arms again and my adventures for the day were done. Well, I thought they were. Mom is off somewhere else now so onward we go! I guess I'll get my nap in later.

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